Several carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers have chosen SAF to provide financial and commercial solutions to their customers, with the aim of closing more sales…

Building & Maintaining Relationships

Many of our supplier partnerships have been in place for several years as we continue to demonstrate our value to those businesses we serve. Our goal is to help our supplier partners to increase sales by designing bespoke funding solutions for the Supplier and their customers.

SAF enables its partners to offer customers their own company-branded finance solution as a cost-effective alternative to outright capital purchase. A company-branded finance solution helps to close sales in situations where capital is unavailable, making it easier for customers to transact with them.

We undertake a full assessment of both the supplier’s and customer’s requirements and then tailor a dedicated financial sales support facility specifically for that sales transaction:

  • We can provide a supplier’s sales team with day-to-day support including general finance queries, branded quotations, attending internal sales meetings and assisting their customers when required.
  • We can attend customer meetings (as the supplier) where our financial expertise is available to understand the key drivers of a transaction and provide insight to support the supplier’s sales process.
  • We have extensive NHS and public sector experience; this can assist projects that have stagnated due to a shortage of capital.
  • We can assist in the production of marketing material, to ensure that the supplier’s finance facility is effective and successful.

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