SAF supports the UK’s research sector by providing critical financial solutions

December 7, 2021

At SAF, we’re extremely proud to continue offering our support to the UK Research Sector through the provision of sought-after alternative funding solutions. With UK research funding cuts making headline news, it’s more important than ever to provide alternative funding options for much-needed research equipment.   

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s top research-intensive universities and home to a variety of research institutes. We recently worked alongside our long-term supplier, Carl Zeiss to complete a second key transaction to assist in the procurement of a Zeiss Axioscanhigh-performance slide scanner for the Institute of Genetics and Cancer.  

This financial solution was made possible through the Zeiss Rental finance program, which was developed by the SAF team. This finance alternative allowed the University of Edinburgh to make a key investment into their research equipment via a structured repayment method, without the need for significant upfront funds to make a direct purchase. 

This is the second time the university has utilised the Zeiss Rental finance program for the funding of industry-leading equipment, following the procurement of an LSM 880 Confocal Microscope for the Roslin Institute back in May 2019.  

The University of Edinburgh is one of a growing number of research universities taking a proactive approach to alternative methods of funding to procure equipment that is intrinsic to the continuing success of their research programs across a variety of disciplines.  

It’s no secret that there have been cuts to UK Research and Innovation funding for science, something that will have particular impact on University research departments who rely heavily on grants to fund their projects. Without an injection of funds, it will be difficult for this vital research to continue, which is why alternative finance solutions are key.  

Our role, in partnership with the equipment supplier, is to understand the financial and budgetary challenges faced by the customer and put forward a structured funding solution that will eliminate these challenges and allow the project to proceed. A proactive approach, open communication and a desire to find effective solutions to the challenges presented will always help improve the efficiency of the sales process and give the project the best possible chance of success.  

Economic challenges as a result of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic will impact many sectors. Reductions in budget and limited capital availability mean that all business cases must be thorough and investment decisions ratified. However, investment remains key to growth and success, and financial solutions provide a mechanism to continue investing in equipment that improves efficiency and increases output.  

At SAF, we have a wealth of expertise and experience in helping both suppliers and customers navigate the variety of finance options available to aid investment. We can monitor the market landscape, consider budget restraints and anticipate potential challenges to implement a tailored financial solution that works for all parties. 


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