Supporting sales at Sigmacon through flexible finance solutions




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Supporting sales at Sigmacon through flexible finance solutions

We’ve worked with Sigmacon, the UK’s leading distributor of surgical and medical device technologies, since June 2019.

As part of our ongoing partnership, we work closely with the senior management team to identify and develop key sales opportunities that can be made possible through the option of a flexible finance solution. 

Working closely with Sigmacon to facilitate transactions in both the public and private sectors, our role is to help make the company’s state-of-the-art devices more available to end-users. 

Sigmacon supports Mobile Health Systems

Sigmacon works with a range of different companies and organisations, including the public and private sector, and companies that undertake referral work from the NHS and those who specialise in hiring equipment on an ad-hoc basis.

One such company is leading mobile surgical company, Mobile Health Systems (MHS), which provides hospitals with the latest technology devices for prostate, stones and bladder tumour procedures.

Through close collaboration with Sigmacon, we understood how important it is for Mobile Health Systems to be able to access the latest technology and have the relevant stock levels to accommodate demand. We also learnt that the challenges often faced by MHS can be cost-related. Therefore, making these products more accessible from a financial perspective could help deliver more sales.

In light of this, SAF structured a funding solution that would allow Mobile Health Systems to procure equipment quickly and efficiently, with the income generated by the assets comfortably exceeding the repayments due under the finance agreement. We often find that this added cash flow benefit and return on investment is an attractive element of finance agreements.

By implementing one of our branded finance agreements, we have successfully helped to secure orders in excess of £150,000 for Sigmacon via Mobile Health Systems.

Flexible finance in the public sector

With specialist knowledge of the healthcare sector, we have significant experience in working closely with suppliers to the NHS and implementing flexible finance solutions to make products and equipment more available. This ultimately helps our suppliers – like Sigmacon – to achieve more sales.

Funding issues in the NHS make it difficult for many hospitals to have access to the latest equipment. For key consultants and decision-makers, having the option to procure much-needed equipment via a finance solution will help them increase patient capacity and efficiency – which is often a more time-effective process than procuring directly through the NHS itself.

The quick turnaround time in securing the latest equipment has a tangible benefit as speed, accuracy and efficiency at which the service is provided ultimately improves patient care and recovery times.

The recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic have also placed undue stress on our healthcare services, resulting in challenges around capital budgets, increased waiting times and a rise in demand and subsequent capacity difficulties.

With this in mind, it’s crucial for those sectors that support the NHS to adapt to these pressures and be flexible in their service provision.

Close collaboration to drive more NHS sales

Sigmacon recognised the need to provide flexible, well-considered solutions from both a technology and procurement perspective to support their customers in the healthcare sector.

After the company approached us, the team at SAF has worked closely with Sigmacon to understand specific NHS pressures connected to their business and develop financial solutions for their products and equipment to make them more accessible.

We’ve already worked with them to conclude orders with NHS Trusts from across the UK, including the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust. And we’re looking to continue that with huge demand for their products from other NHS Trusts across the UK. 

Branded finance solutions 

At SAF, we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the individual requirements of both our suppliers and their end-users.

Our services are designed to support all sides by making the procurement of key products and services bespoke and more accessible.

The financial uncertainty caused by the pandemic means there is an increased onus on companies within the private sector to adapt their service offering to promote positive investment and growth. 

We work in close partnership with Sigmacon to do just this and are confident that we will continue to see sustained success in their sales cycles within both the public and private sectors.

To find out more about our branded finance options, get in touch with a member of the SAF team via

Martin Hill, National Sales Manager at Sigmacon, said:

“Sigmacon has done business with SAF for the past several years and have always been impressed by the level of support and professionalism they provide.

“The Sigmacon sales team really appreciates the quick turnaround on quotation requests and the first-class experienced and knowledge of tailored financial solutions for both NHS and Private customers.

“SAF has become a vital part of our team and we look forward to working together for many years to come.”

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