Supporting a private sector medical practice with the procurement of state-of-the-art ophthalmic equipment


Probus Surgery



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SAF Solutions successfully supported the procurement of more than £48,000 worth of ophthalmic equipment to private medical centre, Probus Surgery.

Working alongside our long-term partner, ZEISS Group, SAF created a bespoke branded finance package to give Probus Surgery access to state-of-the-art optical biometry equipment over a five-year lease term.

Client Brief:

Probus Surgery is a well-established private medical centre in Truro, Cornwall. Providing GP and specialist day case surgery services for more than 30 years, the centre has become a central pillar of the community.

As waiting lists get longer and the NHS faces further pressures, ophthalmic services outside of large cities are being increasingly undertaken by community-based medical and surgical centres like Probus Surgery, who specialise in this area.

Further investment in market-leading optical biometry equipment would allow the surgery to provide earlier and more accurate diagnosis for its patients, consequently helping to save time during the pre-operative process and allow time for more patients in general.

SAF has been in partnership with ZEISS Group, leading supplier of ophthalmic equipment, for over a decade, supporting their sales team and customers through the establishment of the ZEISS Rental branded finance solution.

Working in collaboration with ZEISS Group and Probus Surgery, SAF supported the creation of a bespoke ZEISS rental agreement, allowing the surgery to spread the cost of investment and provide a more cost effective cashflow based solution.

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SAF’s Solution:

Through our extensive experience within the healthcare sector, we recognise the importance of ensuring healthcare provides have access to the latest technology, allowing them to keep up with patients’ evolving needs.

Purchasing the equipment outright was not an effective solution for Probus Surgery and it soon became clear that a branded finance solution was the ideal option for the practice, allowing them to benefit from the new equipment quickly, while retaining the option to upgrade as and when needed.

Thanks to SAF’s relationship with ZEISS Group, we were able to act as an extension to their sales team, quickly and efficiently creating a bespoke finance solution to match their needs.

The branded ZEISS rental solution structured a payment plan over a five-year funding term. During this five-year period, the surgery has the option to return and upgrade the equipment if they want to or keep the technology until the end of the funding term.

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SAF’s finance solution gave Probus Surgery access to essential, state-of-the-art equipment, helping the practice provide earlier and more accurate diagnoses.

As the NHS seeks to outsource ophthalmic procedures to more community-based healthcare providers to reduce the backlog caused by the pandemic, supporting local medical practices and day case surgeries through flexible funding solutions is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Modern medical technology is essential for medical practices today as they can significantly improve the patient experience, provide early diagnosis and more efficient patient care pathways. However, the significant cost of investment can be considerable for regional healthcare facilities and act as a barrier to them receiving this much-needed equipment.

Through the ZEISS Rental solution created by SAF, ZEISS Group is able to offer flexible solutions, ensuring regional medical practices can make the investments necessary to help alleviate the backlog of post pandemic diagnostic testing and surgical procedures.

Phil Dring, Head of Sales at SAF said: “We were delighted to be able to support Probus Surgery in the procurement of new ophthalmic equipment.

“This new equipment will play a pivotal role in combatting the backlog in diagnostic procedures caused by the pandemic and it’s great to have played a part in that. Our bespoke finance package really shows the benefits of a rental finance agreement, giving the surgery the choice to change or upgrade the equipment at any point throughout the term.

“It’s fantastic to have successfully completed another project on behalf of ZEISS – and to continue to provide support to their customers in what is a fairly turbulent period for the healthcare sector.”


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