State-of-the-art equipment upgrade project for not-for-profit Healthcare provider The Healthcare Management Trust.


HealthCare Management Trust



SAF solutions worked with The Healthcare Management Trust to amalgamate two bespoke finance agreements that enabled the purchase of industry-leading medical equipment worth more than £40,000.

As a trusted financial partner of The Healthcare Management Trust, SAF Solutions successfully created and combined two bespoke funding solutions that enabled the purchase of state-of-the-art patient care beds and armchairs from two medical equipment suppliers, totalling more than £40,000.

Client Brief:

The Healthcare Management Trust is a registered charity that delivers not-for-profit health and social care to communities through treatment, research, and community support. They wanted to improve their facilities for the communities they serve and identified that investment in new medical equipment would facilitate these improvements.

The investment included 15 state-of-the-art patient care beds and four electronically reclining patient armchairs. The equipment required needed to be purchased from two separate suppliers under the same finance agreement, something that the Trust had been unable to facilitate on its own.

The Trust had used SAF’s services for previous purchases requiring similar nuance, so understood how the team could assist them in the procurement of the new equipment.

SAF’s Solution:

As a result of SAF’s flexibility, in-depth industry knowledge, and ongoing relationship with the Healthcare Management Trust, we were able to create one financial solution that included two separate lease agreements for HillRom and Ocura and their equipment specification.

Both agreements included a 7-year term which are due to expire on the same date which meant the Healthcare Management Trust only had to secure funding for one agreement for all the new equipment, rather than two different transactions.


Building long-lasting professional relationships with suppliers and end-users enables the SAF team to work quickly to devise a bespoke finance solutions for equipment procurement.

This project is a great example of how building relationships can support the implementation of new equipment through the use of bespoke finance solutions.

SAF’s flexibility and knowledge ensured a smooth procurement process that enabled the improvement of patient care and support for The Healthcare Management Trust.

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