Tailored procurement solution for new state-of-the-art Outpatient Services Facility at Kings College Hospital


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SAF Solutions designed a bespoke procurement structure to support the build of a multiple-service outpatient facility at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Working with the modular manufacturing company, Premier Modular, SAF facilitated the funding agreement for a new modular healthcare facility to help the Trust effectively manage rising patient demand.

Client Brief:

King’s College Hospital serves more than 700,000 patients across four London boroughs and was facing severe capacity constraints due to a lack of available space and urgent requirements for upgrading its current facilities.

During the planning stage, the Trust opted for a modular, offsite construction method for the new facility and selected the experienced modular building provider Premier Modular.

The large-scale facility would be built on an existing carpark, which would allow the Trust to free up space within the main hospital and help reduce waiting times whilst improving the patient experience for urgent care services, all without disrupting the current day to day activity of the hospital.

Following consultation, the Trust opted for a funded solution and in December 2021, King’s College Hospital ran a tender process for this solution. Due to the uniqueness of the project and SAF’s extensive experience within the healthcare and modular markets, we were successfully awarded the tender.

SAF’s Solution:

Utilising our experience of developing bespoke funding solutions within healthcare and modular construction, we created a structure which was tailored to suit both the Trust’s significant investment and the construction agreements already in place with Premier Modular. 

SAF was focused on creating a solution that could be adapted to the evolving needs of the Trust and its patients and that incorporated the building and development elements of the project.

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The Willowfield Building, a new 3,450sq m modular outpatient facility, was completed in just nine months and is the UK’s largest modular off-site construction project within NHS healthcare to date that has been successfully procured via a bespoke, structured finance agreement. 

The new facility will provide 48 purpose-designed consultation rooms and eight procedure rooms for a range of services, including dermatology, rheumatology, respiratory, neurosciences, pain management, and urology as well as other aspects of surgery and therapies. 

Set to provide much-needed additional space and central to helping to overcome capacity constraints, this new facility is a fantastic example of the positive role finance solutions can play in expanding and upgrading NHS facilities whilst sensibly utilising the budgets available within each Trust.  

SAF’s solution responded to the key financial and operational drivers of the Trust, considering patient needs, in-site capacity, speed of delivery and budget availability. Through the development of this unique solution, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was able to invest in a brand-new, modular, industry-leading healthcare facility immediately.  

Jane Tabiner Managing Director at SAF Solutions: “This was a fantastic project to be involved in. Playing a pivotal role in the UK’s largest modular off-site construction project within the NHS is a fantastic achievement for both SAF Solutions and Premier Modular. This is a real milestone project as we cement our position as the UK’s leading modular building funder for the NHS.  

Partnering with Kings College Hospital on this project was a pleasure, we identified the Trust’s financial needs and designed a bespoke solution that fit the bill. We’re proud of our work on this project and our part in further supporting the NHS and their patients.” 

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