Financing of Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP) installation in partnership with Eurosite Power


EuroSite Power


Green Technology

Solutions Asset Finance (SAF) has a long-standing reputation for providing a first-class level of financial and commercial support to its suppliers.

One of those suppliers is EuroSite Power, a company offering energy efficient solutions by helping businesses harness the long-term commercial and environmental benefits of on-site energy generation. The successful partnership with SAF means EurosSite Power can offer fully funded solutions limiting the need for capital expenditure.

The combination of SAF’s funding and contractual expertise, along with EuroSite Power’s expert industry knowledge has created a product that is making waves within the combined heat and power sector. One such project is with The Club Company across various sites. EuroSite Power installed a Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) on-site as agreed in the project plan, work continued with minimal disruption to site before going operational, after which the system is continually monitored and maintained by EuroSite Power. All this forms part of the On-Site Utility Solution Energy Services Agreement and is funded¬†with¬†SAF’s assistance over 6 years.

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