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SAF Solutions continue to support the procurement of high-performance pharmacy automation equipment for customers of autonomous healthcare provider, Omnicell to make their products more accessible.

Client Brief:

SAF worked with Omnicell to make their product, the Omnicell VBM 200F available via a flexible finance solution, eradicating the need for end-users to find the upfront capital.

The VBM 200F is an automated pharmacy blister card packer which accurately fills and checks medication blister cards to create a seamless workflow.

This market-leading piece of equipment improves productivity and is instrumental in helping pharmacies have the competitive advantage to scale their business by providing immediate improvements to medication adherence and patient service delivery.

SAF was brought on board to develop a flexible finance agreement to allow pharmacies to benefit from leading automated equipment via a monthly repayment plan.

SAF’s Solution:

SAF understands the key to unlocking great sales opportunities is to understand the customers’ financial priorities.

To develop a tailored solution, we work with the supplier and their customer to understand how we can enhance or simplify the sales process. From here, we have the insights to create a finance solution that works seamlessly for all parties.

With the VBM system and the many financial benefits it offers to pharmacies in the longer term, a central part of the sales process is highlighting these to prospective customers. A finance option provides an attractive alternative procurement route offering a more accessible solution for end-users wanting to benefit from the equipment but may not have or wish toinvestthe capital elsewhere.


Thanks to the extensive insights from Omnicell and their customer base, SAF was able to structure a finance agreement which responded to their financial drivers.

We were able to demonstrate the tangible financial benefits of implementing the automated system to structure a finance solution that would provide the customer with an attractive cash flow benefit.

Through a branded finance agreement, SAF’s support was able to help facilitate three orders of the Omnicell VBM 200F automation system within just one month.

Phil Dring, Head of Sales at SAF Solutions, said:

“Our work with Omnicell is a fantastic example of the positive we can have in the healthcare innovation sector.

“The VBM system is a game-changing piece of equipment for pharmacies looking to improve their processing speed and increase productivity. Often, we find that cost is the main barrier to people procuring new market-leading equipment, which is why a flexible finance option levels the playing field for end-users wanting to benefit from premium automation solutions.

“We were pleased to have delivered such an effective finance solution for the team at Omnicell, and it’s been really rewarding to see what a great impact this has had on their sales of the VBM 200F.”

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