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SAF worked with Eurosite to develop a bespoke finance agreement that would make the procurement of their CHP units available via flexible finance, helping their customers benefit from the energy and cost saving advantages significantly quicker when compared to outright purchase.

Client Brief:

Eurosite Power is one of the UK’s leading providers of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units. CHP is classed as an energy-efficient, low carbon technology that the government has hailed as being “the measure that offers the most significant single opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve environmental performance.”

A CHP unit captures heat that would otherwise be wasted when generating electricity and makes use of it elsewhere to provide energy for things such as space heating, hot water, cooling, or industrial processes.

Eurosite was approached by a premium country club provider which owns and operates 15 country clubs throughout the UK to provide a low-cost way of reducing their energy expenditure and to help them make a positive move towards the national net zero carbon targets.

Flexible finance was identified as the most appropriate solution for both parties as it allowed the business to reap the benefits of a more sustainable CHP solution without the need for upfront capital while securing a sale for Eurosite.

SAF’s Solution:

SAF worked closely with the team at Eurosite Power to understand the motivations of their end users to develop a finance solution that would respond to these financial and environmental drivers.

A flexible finance solution eradicated the need for upfront capital expenditure for the end-user with all technical, operational, and commercial risks covered by Eurosite Power as part of the ongoing Onsite Utility Solution, making the package an attractive option for customers looking to invest in more green technologies due to the end users still having regular overheads to consider.

Traditionally, the benefits of green technology are communicated through total kilowatts saved, or the latest technical innovations. However, a finance agreement explains the benefits in real terms, clearly communicating the money-saving opportunities a CHP unit can bring.

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Through a SAF branded finance solution, Eurosite Power was able to supply the premium country club provider with a EuroSite On-Site Utility Solution via a 15-year structured finance agreement.

This would allow the provider to implement a more sustainable way of running their sites throughout the UK while also securing significant cost savings; the agreement is set to save the company more than £78,000 on their energy bills.

Through close collaboration with Eurosite and a keen understanding of the financial and environmental drivers of the end-user, SAF was able to structure a unique finance agreement that would ensure the successful procurement of a transformative piece of green technology.

Phil Dring, Head of Sales at Solutions Asset Finance, said:

“Many businesses are nervous about investing in sustainable technology due to high upfront costs, but a finance agreement eradicates this, allowing companies to start profiting from the energy and cost-saving benefits straight away.

“At SAF, we pride ourselves on our close collaboration with suppliers, taking the time to understand the motivations that have led them to explore the introduction of a finance agreement, and Eurosite Power is testament to this.

“We were really pleased to have developed a bespoke finance agreement for the procurement of a Eurosite CHP unit, allowing the end user to make great strides in their net zero targets while also benefitting from the financial savings made by investing in green technology.”

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