Developing a finance agreement for an Integrated Diagnostic Imaging platform


JFD Medical



Using a structured finance agreement, SAF supported JFD Medical in the procurement of high specification medical equipment for a new eye clinic in Cheshire. 

Through our long-standing relationship with Carl Zeiss, SAF developed a bespoke 5-year finance agreement for the procurement of essential ophthalmic diagnostic equipment for private medical company, JFD Medical.

Client Brief:

JFD Medical is the private company of Dr Jon Durnian, lead clinician for Adult Strabismus and Neuro-Ophthalmology at the world-renowned St Paul’s Eye Unit, based in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

SAF worked closely with JFD Medical to design an offer allowing for the procurement of a suite of ophthalmic equipment required for setting up a new eye clinic in Lymm, Cheshire.

The equipment forms part of the Carl Zeiss diagnostic suite of equipment, which works together to provide a fully Integrated Diagnostic Imaging platform. This equipment collates data from different diagnostics devices, improving decision-making and efficiency.

Due to significant backlogs in the diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions, there is a clinical need for better access to ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical services. To ensure private medical practices can benefit from market-leading equipment, the Zeiss Rental facility offers an alternative procurement route, allowing healthcare experts like Dr Durnian to expand their service provision by investing in industry-leading equipment.

Procuring equipment via flexible finance also allows medical practices to improve cash flow management and reduce the set-up costs that come with a new business venture while also eradicating the need for significant upfront capital outlay.

SAF’s Solution:

Working in close collaboration with the team at Carl Zeiss and JFD Medical, SAF created a funding structure that allowed for a higher initial payment, utilising some of JFD Medical’s available funds. Front-loading this initial payment meant that the fixed monthly payment could be reduced, providing a better medium-term cashflow solution.

Through a structured finance agreement, JFD Medical benefitted from a full diagnostic suite of ophthalmic equipment () worth a total of £80,000.  This presents the customer with a tailor-made solution that would quickly provide all the necessary devices and software to increase patient throughput and complement the clinic’s additional services.

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The market-leading Zeiss Integrated Diagnostics Imaging platform solution offers healthcare providers access to highly efficient and accurate diagnostic equipment. When combined with the Zeiss Rental purchase option, it also offers a cost-effective way for private medical practices to enhance their service provision.

Through both close collaboration with Carl Zeiss and a keen understanding of the financial and environmental drivers motivating the customer, SAF structured a bespoke finance agreement that would ensure the successful procurement of a transformative suite of equipment for JFD Medical’s new private eye clinic.

Jon Durnian, lead clinician for Adult Strabismus and Neuro-Ophthalmology at Royal Liverpool University Hospital and founder of JFD Medical, said of the project:

“Thanks to the structured finance agreement tailored to our specific needs, we were able to procure the Zeiss integrated diagnostics imaging platform solution via a fixed monthly fee.

“This equipment will transform our service provision, allowing us to make more accurate diagnoses and maintain high levels of efficiency within our practice.”

Phil Dring, Head of Sales at SAF Solutions added:

“We’ve worked with Carl Zeiss for more than a decade and are proud to continue working with them on providing alternative finance solutions for their extensive range of market-leading equipment.

“Private medical practices have been central to helping overcome the backlog in diagnosis and treatment, and ensuring they have access to market-leading equipment is paramount.

“A flexible finance solution offers an alternative route for medical practices to access this much-needed medical equipment without having to find the upfront capital to pay for it in its entirety.

“From here, SAF can work with the supplier and the end-user to develop a payment schedule that suits all parties, which is exactly what happened in this project.”

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