Assisting Eastbourne Vision Limited in securing essential medical equipment to reduce NHS waiting lists.


Zeiss Group



SAF Solutions is continuing its long-standing collaboration with ZEISS Group, a world-leading manufacturer of optical systems that works across multiple industry sectors.

Our latest project with ZEISS involved aiding the procurement of Zeiss’ IOL Master 700, a fundamental optical diagnostic tool, for Eastbourne Vision Limited via a Zeiss Rental finance program.

Client Brief:

SAF was approached by our long-term partner ZEISS Group regarding a project for Eastbourne Vision Limited, a private ophthalmic consultancy operating within Polegate Eye Clinic, specialising in modern cataract surgery and undertaking referral work from a number of NHS Trusts.

Eastbourne Vision had previously utilised the Zeiss Rental facility for the procurement of another Zeiss diagnostic device and was keen to benefit from the technological advances that the Zeiss IOL Master 700 offered.

The IOL Master 700, a high-specification diagnostic tool, is used to accurately measure a patient’s corneal surface prior to any cataract surgery. The highly accurate readings taken, significantly improve diagnosis and allow the eye surgeon to select the right lens for each patient. The technology improves accurate diagnosis and in turn, improves practice efficiency by increasing patient throughput prior to any decision on surgery.

SAF’s Solution:

Utilising extensive healthcare expertise and a decade-long partnership with ZEISS, SAF structured a flexible financial solution that removed the need for any upfront capital investment.

SAF’s proposal eliminated the need for substantial initial capital expenditure, providing Eastbourne Vision with an affordable solution that also made a tangible improvement to its service provision. Through a finance agreement, Eastbourne Vision was able to offset any immediate financial outlay until the assets were in their possession, with the generation of revenue being a key benefit for the practice, supporting the customer’s cashflow proposition as a growing business.


SAF’s close working relationship with both the ZEISS sales team and Eastbourne Vision meant we were able to approve and issue a Supplier Branded Rental Agreement to the client, further supporting ZEISS’s sales offering alongside its market-leading equipment.

This agreement facilitated the financing of the equipment through a 3-year lease, which enabled the client to provide an improved service to support patients waiting for diagnostic treatment without the delay in sourcing upfront capital.

Phil Dring, Head of Sales at SAF Solutions, said: 

“At SAF, we have always been extremely passionate about helping healthcare organisations fund much-needed equipment that not only improves the patient experiences but also eases pressure on NHS waiting lists.

The strong partnership we have built with ZEISS over the last decade, coupled with the exceptional collaboration extended by Eastbourne Vision Limited, resulted in a swift and efficient process. It’s also hugely satisfying when a client returns to utilise the Zeiss Rental facility for their next procurement project.”

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