Mind The Gap

SAF’s Mind the Gap product has been developed to assist suppliers in increasing their sales conversion rates.
We understand the gap that can exist between the supplier and their chosen finance company.

Bringing a unique offering to our clients

We have been providing clients with full sales support for a number of years, but Mind the Gap brings our various services together in one unique offering.

Our experienced team can help you surmount many of the hurdles that stand between a supplier and a sale, including:

  • Financial and Accounting
  • Procurement
  • Legal Documentation
  • Taxation
  • Board Approval Processes

All of these elements are common in a typical sales cycle and are critical in determining whether you will ultimately be able to close a sale.

What do our customers say?

The service and support over the last 5 years has been invaluable in ensuring all sales opportunities are maximised.

They are fully integrated into our sales team and seen as such by both management and staff.

Their knowledge of both the public and private sector is extensive and backed up by an excellent commercial ability including a strong desire to make sales happen.

Paul Adderly
Managing Director of Carl Zeiss UK

Mind the Gap does not seek to provide a competing service to your existing finance company. Instead, our aim is to offer a complementary service that fills the gap.

Our quote to sales conversion rate is 8 times higher if we talk directly to your customers.

In order for your finance relationship to be effective, you need to know you have the right support in place.

But even when finance is not required, comprehensive sales support can make the difference between making a sale and not.

We know from our work with clients over many years what a difference it can make to harness the best of your technical sales know-how with SAF’s wider sales support and the right finance package. This winning combination helps to build long-term, commercially focused partnerships.

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