SAF celebrate successful funding of modular projects in the last two years, totalling £86m

June 27, 2023

SAF has had lots to celebrate in the last couple of years, but in particular, the remarkable performance in modular construction, resulting in an impressive value of £86 million in transactions over the past two years.

For over 16 years, SAF has been providing companies across healthcare, green technology, research and innovation, and modular building sectors with bespoke financial solutions to help fund projects via alternative procurement routes.

This has seen us fund over £500 million worth of transactions for our suppliers and end-users.

Over the past two years, SAF has seen a remarkable surge in demand for funding modular construction projects within the healthcare sector, successfully financing numerous projects during this period, worth a combined value of £86 million.

Highlights include partnering with McAvoy to secure funding for 2x 48-bed modular ward facilities at Good Hope and Heartlands Hospitals, as well as working with Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to finance an impressive outpatients facility for Kings College Hospital, which is the NHS’ largest modular facility to date.

Through SAF’s bespoke finance solutions, businesses throughout the UK including NHS Trusts can secure funding for state-of-the-art modular facilities without the need for upfront capital, while also utilising MMC for faster access to infrastructure that will significantly impact the lives and well-being of staff and patients.

SAF collaborates closely with all stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s requirements and objectives, to facilitate the creation of bespoke financial solutions for funding these transformative projects.

Jane Tabiner, Managing Director at SAF Solutions said:

“Our team takes immense pride in the remarkable accomplishments we have achieved in the modular sector over the past two years. We have seen significant growth in modular construction, with a marked demand for financing projects within healthcare.

“Finance agreements offer an attractive alternative for companies needing to invest in new facilities, but don’t have the available capital to do so. Our extensive expertise within modular construction and the healthcare industry makes us perfectly placed to provide support.

“It’s astonishing to reflect on the past two years. We have already developed and delivered the finance agreements for nine modular projects, with plenty more in the pipeline due for completion. 

“Our extensive understanding and experience in the modular sector have paved the way for us to develop tailored financial solutions, making even the biggest, most ambitious projects possible through flexible finance.

“We’re excited to continue partnering with modular suppliers further solidifying our expertise and ensuring further growth!”

If you would like to find out more about how SAF can help create bespoke financial solutions for modular construction projects, get in touch here.

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