How finance agreements can help businesses strengthen professional partnerships

August 10, 2023

With everchanging interest rates and the continued fast-growing business landscape, it is becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to upscale through financial investment to help drive future growth opportunities.

At SAF, we understand establishing strong professional relationships is crucial in driving business growth and success, ensuring buy-in and repeat business from end users.

In the current economic climate, an increasing number of businesses are recognising the benefits of tailored finance agreements as alternative procurement routes to help achieve growth targets.

By incorporating alternate funding routes into sales strategies, suppliers can unlock new opportunities, enhance customer value, and establish stronger professional relationships.

Establishing long-lasting relationships

At SAF, we have partnered with multiple suppliers over the past 15 years across a range of sectors and industries. In each instance, we work closely with key stakeholders to understand key financial drivers, challenges, and motivators to ensure the finance agreement benefits all parties.  

How finance agreements can enhance professional relationships 

Introducing flexible finance solutions offers suppliers an alternative way for end-users to invest in new equipment, technologies, or facilities in instances where capital or outright purchase may not be possible.

A structured finance agreement allows for the procurement of industry-leading equipment or technology via an approved lease agreement without the need for upfront capital, instead spreading investment across pre-agreed, regular instalments.

We’ve identified the top five ways that suppliers can use finance agreements to help to strengthen professional partnerships with customers:

1. Stand out against your competitors:

Creating a bespoke financial solution is a great way for suppliers to stand out from competitors while enhancing sales strategies. For suppliers, the creation of a financial agreement offers additional procurement solutions and support to end users.

2. Avoids large capital outlay

A significant obstacle for end-users in investing or procuring new equipment is the substantial upfront cost involved. However, a financial agreement that enables the payment for new equipment to be spread across an agreed pre-payment period tailored to cash flow requirements, alleviates the financial burden, making collaboration increasingly likely.

3. Building Long-Term Relationships

Successful business relationships rely on trust and long-term commitment. Investing time and effort in nurturing professional relationships and aligning business objectives ensures successful collaboration and enhanced sales strategies. The introduction of a finance agreement provides an innovative solution to procurement challenges and shows that suppliers understand the challenges customers can face.

4. Continuous Evaluation and Adaptation

As the business landscape evolves, finance agreements allow businesses to respond to new challenges, subsequently easing the burden on customers. Assessing outcomes, seeking feedback, and making necessary adjustments ensure the partnership remains aligned with changing market dynamics and that the finance agreement responds to these challenges. 

5. Security

Financial agreements offer end-users additional financial security, as they can invest and expand immediately with a portion of the monthly repayment generated from the income derived from the new equipment, technology, or infrastructure due to an increase in capacity or efficiency.


Finance solutions can offer a two-fold strategic advantage by both strengthening professional partnerships and enhancing sales strategies.

By embracing these innovative methods, suppliers can close more sales cycles, mitigate financial risks, and create flexible models that align with demand and market challenges.

We are seeing an increasing number of businesses exploring more innovative solutions to financial challenges. Collaboration and trust are increasingly important in today’s competitive marketplace, and suppliers should consider these new avenues to unlock new opportunities, increase growth, and build long-lasting relationships with end users.

At SAF, we work with a range of suppliers within healthcare, modular construction, research and innovation and green technology to provide bespoke financial solutions to enhance business models, positively impact sales and introduce more innovative solutions to financial pressures.

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